An Introductory Post

My name is Brody, and I am a current Mass Comm student. I Enjoy films, media, and aspire to create my own entertainment content. My interests in creating something that asks me to be both in front and behind the camera have driven me to pursue a higher education in this field. I am currently attending Hillsborough community college with plans on transferring to USF next term. I enjoy watching films, shows, playing games, and reading books all with the purpose with the unique storytelling elements they present. I have taken these journalism classes as a way to improve my story telling capabilities, and also as a way to get more practice in this field in general, as well as to simply satisfy the credits I need for my major. I plan on using this blog for nothing too specific, just posts and stories on ideas and things I am interested in as they come and go. Rather than a dedicated form of content, expect this blog to be more of a jack of all trades kind of site.

Thanks for stopping by