This blog is not a paid sponsor!

Hello everyone, it’s “ya boi” Brody again, here with a fan-TASTIC new product called NEWSY! . . . is what I would say if I was being paid to sponsor this sight, but rather I am doing this out of the kindness of my own heart. Newsy is a site that has this interface and content that is aimed towards the hip and young demographic that’s quick and on the go. The content Newsy produces is geared towards the how and the why of things, and more specifically, what the impact of the content they are explaining and how it might effect you in the grand scheme of things.

The content Newsy produces is definitely a ‘here and now’ type of story writing. The stories are the utmost current and fresh information as it develops, so you can hear and see it unfold as more information comes out. Mostly their popular and upcoming stories are very serious and reserved pieces on current political states and world issues. These would be stories located under their “headline” news, but they also have content that is a bit more diverse and playful, ranging from current pop culture to tech reviews and showcasing in addition current US/worldwide policies.

There is a spectrum of content ranging from the serious politics side, to the fun everyday life. It’s a site where you can see a “Cars 3 review” along side a look back at historical American shooting tragedies. The site has a little bit of everything and is extremely easy to navigate. Overall it’s a well designed site with plenty of content to satisfy a very diverse audience.



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