Taking a look at photo journalism

Hello again, it’s me, “ya boy borb” going off about another topic: photography. We see all kinds of pictures, photos, ads, and media from all kinds of outlets a day like facebook, twitter, instagram, television, the internet, and many more. What kind of images do we see that stick with us and keep that thought in our head? You ever hear a catchy or annoying (or both) song at the grocery store and all day you sing it to yourself and then get upset that it won’t get out of your head? Well, I am sure it comes as no surprise that we’ve all been there, but what about with photos? I personally don’t feel like there’s ever a photo that I actively think about that makes me feel moved. Photos to me are impactful once you see them, but I move on relatively quickly. That’s why I think I want my aim for my next journalism project to be about ‘a memorable photo’.

For this project I want to find a picture that stands out, and sticks with those that see it. I want something bright in colors, to stand out visually, but maybe perhaps very disconnected or wacky and unique compared to the world around it. Something that makes you take a moment to absorb fully what you are looking at. That’s why I decided that there is no better place to get a picture like that than the visual disconnect capitals of the world: New York and Las Vegas.

There are all kinds of gimmicks in the streets of NY and LV: people dressed in mascot costumes preaching about the end of days, or people in impersonation get ups trying to score a quick buck off a hastily practiced voice impersonation. All I am trying to say is that I plan on finding a very exciting, visually complex and mentally disorientating image that makes you take a second look. I know, if not guarantee, that a photo exactly like this can be found within some kind of popular photo reel of ‘the people of [New York/Las Vegas]’ and I am going to bring it right to you.


2 thoughts on “Taking a look at photo journalism”

  1. I think it’s great to do your photo journalism on a memorable photo. There are so many photos everywhere from websites to billboards and even the ones we take ourselves. However, very few stand out from the others. I love when I see that one photo that just makes me say “Wow!”. I wonder what memorable photo you will use and what makes it memorable for you.

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  2. It never really occurred to me the difference in remembrance of a trendy song and an impact full photo, to which I am glad you used that comparison to initiate the blog. For me, a memorable photo is the photo taken when Muhammad Ali knocked out Sonny Liston despite the pre-match odds and stood tall over him as if he were roaring. Sure, in no way does that correlate with the image you are attempting to capture but the generall theme of what you are going for has definitely caught y attention.

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