Getting wild but being safe

Concerts, shows, parties, whatever the name you give it, if you have ever seen a movie from the 80’s, you are familiar with “the wild party scene”. Big bands, big lights, big crowds, and a whole lot of screaming, concerts can be one wild night full of partying, fun, and loud noise. However, different venues and different bands can bring with them a whole different set of atmosphere and personalities. With that being said, hopefully with the combined experience of various concert going personalities I will interview, a clear idea of how to stay safe and have an enjoyable time at a party venue will be right in front of you.

When I say “a safe concert experience”, I won’t sugar coat it. Concerts can have a large crowd of very diverse people. If its a metal concert, or really anything with harsh noise, you can expect a lot of thrashing and flailing about. Perhaps at a more EDM style concert there might be a concern from you, my lovely reader, that there may be drugs involved. I plan on explaining what kind of crowds there are to expect with different genres of entertainment, and what kinds of stigmas they are associated with.

Now, I personally have been to a few concerts myself. I would say from my unique perspective of someone that goes, but not too often, I can give a general run down of the concert experiences. Just a general observation, my personal experiences, and what you can expect. A few of my friends, on the other hand, are much more avid concert goers. They are well versed in several different genres of music and performances, ranging from the very popular to the very strange and crude. I plan on interviewing them as this story develops to get their personal takes on what you should do to keep yourself safe.

Between me and my concert going acquaintances, we have a lot of very good and in depth experiences, as WELL as very diverse opinions and tastes in different genres. This allows us to have seen and been through many different venues, which will hopefully answer and questions or concerns you might have for your future endeavors at concert attending.


1 thought on “Getting wild but being safe”

  1. I find this piece intriguing. I am a big music junky and I love indie alternative. I love to go to local open band concerts. One of my favorite local bands is the Infinite Eights. However, they play in sketchy venues and bars. So, I would love to know some tips that will keep me safe. Great blog post!


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