Behind the scenes: Dinner half baked with Drew Baker.

In my previous posts, I alluded somewhat that me and Drew needed to work out our schedules to find an appropriate time we could meet up for a small interview. Now, I am not going to pitch some kind of wacky adventure or goofy story, because none of that happened. Drew and I getting together for a small light-hearted chat wasn’t anything even close to jumping through hoops, but rather one of the more easy parts of the entire assignment. All I did was call him up, ask when he had some free time, and where he would like to meet up.

First off, I live in Tampa, while Drew lives in Orlando. I used to live in Orlando too, and I even went to high school with Drew. I was coincidentally talking to him several days before I was aware that I needed to have someone to interview for this course, and just by chance we happened to be talking about our high school memories, so the ideas just clicked. “I am interested in the story Drew has to say, so why don’t I interview Drew about his high school football career?” was my initial thought, “but he lives in Orlando, so I guess I need to make a day of it…”

That was probably the only rough part of this interview: meeting up. We agreed that it would be best if we both drove halfway to each other and met in the middle. We decided that since it would be around noon we would just grab something to eat and have our discussion there at the restaurant.

Before the interview I wanted to ask Drew some questions on what it was like being on the football team, what his experiences were once he was there, and just find out about his story. I knew he had prior experience on the football team, but I really didn’t know too much about it aside from he quit for a reason unknown to me. I thought to myself that this interview would be a great way to see the duality of the experience: playing and then not being able to play.

We both drove about an hour to see each other, then had our interview, caught up on each other’s lives, and then went our separate ways once again. It was a very pleasant experience just to see a friend again, but I am glad that I was also able to create something out of it. Hopefully the interview is a kind way for me to semi-praise and immortalize Drew as maybe a small compensation for the time he had to miss due to his injuries. I know it’s like comparing apples to oranges, but it’s something I am capable of doing.


1 thought on “Behind the scenes: Dinner half baked with Drew Baker.”

  1. Well, it can’t always be goofiness and fun. Sounds like you guys had a nice and pleasant session. It was nice that he met you half-way to make the process a little easy for you. It’s good to follow a person’s story so that we get to know not only what everyone else knows but the little hidden things. Most athletes are only popular during their time playing unless they are one of the few listed “greats”. It was good for you to be able to meet with him and get some inside information.

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